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Thank you for visiting DelSol Havanese

Our breeding priorities are:
1) Temperament
2)  Health
3) Structure
​Our rationaIe is, if you don't have sound temperaments the rest is moot.

We follow the Puppy Culture Protocol in raisisng our puppies.
To provide stimulation, to improve the pups ability to learn and to socialize our pups while in our care.

We do extensive health testing.
1) CAER - Canine eye registry
OFA, the Orthopedic Foundation of Ameica, which sets out what is required for health clearances for each bred of dog.
2) OFA Patellas
3) OFA Cardiac
4) OFA hips 
5) OFA Thyroid
UC Davis is the premiere school in North America for Veterinary Medicine and Research
6) UC Davis DNA testing for genetic diversity which is used as a tool to plan our breeding program
7) UC Davis Havanese Health Clearance Panel - new in 2020

​Puppies are raised in our home. Our dogs live with us. We do not have a kennel. Companion dogs are just that, they are not kennel dogs. It would destroy their happy go lucky nature.

Puppies go home following their eight week old Vet visit.
Our puppies are microchipped for identification for their CKC registration.
The law in Canada is that all dogs purported to be purebred must be identified and registered with CKC. We fall under the Canadian Agricultural Act.
At our vet visit all of our puppies undergo a wellness check. OFA patella and cardiac checks are done. The first of 3 vaccines is given.

Our puppies go home with a bag of food, a scent blanket, a toy and some healthy treats.

We like to meet our perspective families in person, we like you to meet our wonderful Havanese. That being said, Our interview process can be completed either in person or via telephone should distance be cumbersome. Your relationship with your breeder is important to you and your breeder. It is for the life of your dog. We are always here for you, ready to answer any concern or question. We love to receive photos, stories or accomplishments of your new family member from time to time.

A non-refundable deposit of $300 holds your  pick of pup in order that the deposits are received. We accept 2-3 deposits per litter, dependent on the Mother of the litter. Our average litter size is 4 pups.
All pups must be paid on their their pick up date.
Always a Saturday following the vet visit. In some circumstances your puppy may stay here with us for a short time ie: vacation. They though too, must be paid in full on go home date.

We also accept approved homes on a wait list. These families are contacted should we have a pup not spoken for. Deposit must be received within 24 hours of contact or we will go on to the next name on the list.

Should you wish to visit, or arrange telephone interview please let me know. We do our best to accommodate your schedule.

​Should you have further questions, just ask.

Margaret Wardle  Canine Specialist

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Adopting a DelSol Puppy
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