March 2016

It all began one day at a dog show. We were introduced to a wonderful breed, The Australian Shepherd. After much research we decided on the breeder. Her name came highly recommended in the breeding world. Her name was Margaret Lacey and her passion was Sunsplash Aussies. Like any good breeder, Margaret took a great interest in our lifestyle, our interests and our motivation behind the reason in choosing the breed. She wanted to be sure that we understood the responsibility that came with adopting a high energy dog, that we had a safe and secure environment and that our dedication was sincere. I soon realized that unlike some breeders, this was not a business to her-it was her passion! She was a matchmaker and an expert at knowing a good fit. She welcomed many visits so she could observe the family dynamics and interaction with the puppies. She reassured us that in the end, we or she would not have to choose but that the puppy would choose for us...and she did. Her name was Darla. We had our eye on another but Darla had her eye on us. She came to us on every visit. It was obvious- Darla found her new home.
One year later, came Skye. Margaret knew Skye needed a companion dog and a dedicated home to help bring her out of her shell. Darla and Skye complimented each other and they became two peas in a pod. Margaret was always available when we had questions or concerns. She wrote and distributed to her Aussie families a quarterly “Sunsplash Aussie Newsletter” and she hosted an annual Fun Day. She went above and beyond!
Darla and Skye have now entered Rainbow Bridge. Although this story began many years ago, I have remained in contact with Margaret. She has assumed a new last name and has returned to her passion. She will raise the best puppies and she will match them to the very best homes. You can count on that!

Marlene & Dave Girvan

* Margaret Lacey changed name due to marriage to Margaret Wardle
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Marlene with her girls 
Darla and Skye
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Before I tell you how wonderful Margaret at DelSol's is, I want you to meet Charly.
He is sweet, happy, full of love, soft like silk fabric and the love of our retired life.

I have dealt with many breeders before, we have previously had a cocker spaniel and a schnauzer. The meetings with these breeders were mediocre at best. When we decided to buy a havanese, I spoke with breeders across Canada, was not specially impressed.​

I realized there was a breeder in Tillsonburg and called Margaret. I was so impressed with this call that we decided to visit DelSol. We received a friendly greeting and then simply fell in love with her, her husband and her dogs. This is not just a business for Margaret. She deeply cares about her dogs. I have seen her refuse to sell a dog if she did not think that the new owner would be best for the dog.

I had a whole list of questions and she answered every one of them. Once I was done with all my questions, she smiled and then said …. it is my turn :)

It was her turn to make sure that Charly would have a safe home with us and that her would be happy. She gave us so much information. Of all the breeders we have ever met, she stands apart, I would not hesitate to recommend her. She is the best.

If I have a question or I am uncertain about he care of our Charly , she is one email or phone call away

Do my husband and I recommend her … YES!!!! With all our heart.

Nicole and Ray
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I would love to talk about our experience and most of all talk about our pup. Now 14 months old. 

He is 12 lbs, healthy, very clever, and a cuddle bug.

Margaret Interviewed us with all kinds of questions making sure her puppy was going to a loving home as the breed is happiest being with their family all day.  I am fortunate to be retired. 
We received pictures when the puppies were born and frequent updates..

Margaret loves her puppies and only wants the best for them. Picking out our puppy was done by him actually, he picked me.

Pick up day went so smooth and our little man stayed in the crate and slept all the way home.  Approximately 5 hours.

He potty trained by learning to ring bells on the door handle quickly.
Patience and love on your end. Darby learns with kindness without being firm. He loves people and love other dogs meeting them on the street and socializing your puppy is so important right from the day you bring him home.
As you can tell I had a wonderful experience with DelSol, Margaret and a perfect puppy for us.