​DelSol Havanese an Accomplished Breeder With Diploma as Canine Specilalist

​Havanese Breeder in Ontario Canada

When I retired from Nursing I decided to get back into my dog life, I had bred Aussies (Australian Shepherds) for many years. 
Since I was a little older I thought it best to go to a smaller breed, a smart breed, as that is what I was used to, and non shedding.
Havanese is the breed that I chose.
They are a lovely little dog, they love to lavish you with their love and to play and entertain us.

I believe very strongly that breeding for health, temperament and physical soundness is the most important thing I can do for my dogs and for the puppies that we produce here at DelSol Havanese.

We Health test for OFA Cardiac, OFA Patella and CERF Eyes, OFA Throid, OFA LCPD (Legg Calves Perthe Disease) Hips
Some of our dogs are also hearing tested using the BAER hearing test at the University of Guleph
ALL of our Breeding Dogs are DNA tested for Genetic Diversity.

While we cannot control everything healthwise, we as breeders can and should do the best we can for our wonderful little dogs, the Havanese. 

DelSol Havanese Puppies are raised using "Puppy Culture"  www.puppyculture.com

DelSol Havanese is a member of 

           -CKC - Canadian Kennel Club

           - HFC - Havanese Fanciers of Canada
                        I am the Ontario Director, sit on the board                          and the website committee
                        Chair person for the 2022 National                                    Speicialty 

​           - HOLA- Havanese Owners and Lovers
                         I am a Director for this club. ​

​Havanese Puppies for Sale occassionally

We are located in Southern Ontario, Tillsonburg, 

Please direct any questions by email: 

or call 519.688.3230

Check out our planned litter page for information on our breedings and planned breedings.

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DelSol Havanese
Call us: 519.688.3230
About DelSol Havanese
Doug and I at Lake Lisgar here in Tillsonburg with Molly, Puddin', and Bentley
Puddin' and I at the Erie Shores Dog Show held in Caledonia June 2015