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DelSol Havanese is a family-run breeding operation dedicated to producing the best little dog on four legs. Margaret is a professional Breeder with a diploma as Canine Specialist. We bred Australian Shepherds since 1991, and now Havanese since 2010. We take tremendous pride in our puppies, and always strive to meet our breed standard. Health is a primary concern for us, and this has been proven over the years with the longevity of the pups we have bred.  DelSol bred the #1 Havanese puppy in Canada in  2021. We make sure each of our puppies is healthy and happy before they go to their forever homes.

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At DelSol Havanese, we are rigorous in screening and selecting the right home for each animal. If we do not think your home is the best place for them, we will redirect you to a different Dog Breeder who might be a better fit. To reserve a puppy, please get in touch. Note, we will not separate our babies from their mothers until they are old enough.

Our pups are raised using the Puppy Culture theorum which increases the ability of their brains to be able to learn more.

All of our breeding stock have been health cleared prior to breeding. All have CAER (eyes) OFA patellas, OFA Thyroid, OFA LCPD, OFA Cardiac 

We breed for temperament, health and genetic soundness.

Our puppies ate happy go lucky and wll socialized.

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